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We Can Boost Your Minsted Occasion thanks to our Amazing Gourmet Burger Truck

Mobile Burger Van Minsted

You will never have come across a mobile caterer company in Minsted quite like The Burger Post.

Our vans have been made to exude elegance and style, enabling us to smoothly fit in at even the most upscale occasions.

It isn't just gourmet burgers, it's an entire service:

  • Made-to-Order hamburgers & french fries
  • A breakfast menu (offered on request)
  • A wide range of refreshing cool beverages which include alcoholic choices (available upon request)
  • Well-trained chef and servers for excellent customer service
  • A nice burger truck that will be a good fit, regardless of the special occasion

The Burger Post comes with a unique experience together with its usage of local, fresh products & focus on fantastic quality.

The 5-star testimonials we got are a testament to the outstanding value and high-quality we provide to each client.

And on top of that, The Burger Post Minsted could be employed for various functions. Regardless of whether you need our services for commercial gatherings, marriages or even for an everyday workplace, we are always right here to offer all those superb burgers directly at your door.

About Us

Two brothers, Harry & Charlie, launched The Burger Post. Both of them were raised within the catering business with their parents operating their very own dining establishment. Owing to this, they have a great idea exactly how to create fantastic food items and how to deliver their clients quickly, whilst exceeding their very own standards.

The young entrepreneurs of The Burger Post opted for a hamburger vehicle to offer both mobility & gourmet quality products. The truck is contemporary and trendy, with a custom-created interior.

In the short period of time we have gone right from 2 brothers to now 40+ staff members. With this kind of progression we realized that training and keeping our benchmarks in was first needed! We coach each and every employee in-house not just to prepare food but additionally on customer satisfaction!

We feel that a burger van must be way more than just a ordinary, standard van. There is a commercial kitchen area and preparation staff within their storage warehouse, efficient at handling occasions of any size. Their sales reps are also in-house and also trained to tackle any kind of enquiry.

Our sales reps is also in house and have been educated to be able to help with any question! We don't actually take the vans to any outside source when it comes to services and repairs. We have got our own experienced technician on-site therefore if there's a mechanical problem, it will be handled in double quick time.

We hope that owing to all these innovations brought by our group, the burger truck business will definitely grow & evolve in the long term.

Our Offerings

We don't just do burgers...

Breakfast Catering

Hosting an early start? We cater for breakfast as well!

Day or evening does not matter, we can be available any time 24/7 365 days a year to meet your requirements.

Of course, if breakfast is what you need, you have got it!

Just like our hamburgers, our breakfast every day menu is furthermore made using the very best ingredients! - We don't simply provide you with our preset breakfast menu & that's it.

We understand that everybody has distinct dietary needs & personal preferences. This is why, in addition to our scrumptious burgers, we provide an array of options for people who have dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, & halal choices.

Our company has also worked along with the internet streaming giant Netflix, offering them sumptuous and convenient foodstuff to power their hectic days on film set. Regardless of what your preferences, we can easily do it.

Burger Post Minsted - Breakfast


We just don't produce fantastic hamburgers; we've got a wide selection of the best delicious desserts too!

Our secret tiramisu recipe comes directly from a local community in Naples, and our homemade apple crumble recipe is constructed from the finest ingredients. Satisfy your appetence along with our yummy sweets.

& last but never ever least, we have created our very own Eaton Mess utilising the best Italian meringue and custard, whipped cream, as well as the best quality seasonal fresh fruits. Another wonderful dessert, literally that are awesome.

Of course, very first impressions do matter however its that final impression which stays on with individuals after a special event. Thus, it is simple to obtain just top quality burgers, or a whole meal with bundled desserts also.

Burger Post Minsted - Desserts

Salads / Starters

Along with hamburgers and desserts, The Burger Post provides starters and salads for all those seeking something less heavy.

We can easily put together and serve any kind of starter on the menu fresh on that day, with prior arrangement.

Our Naples Caprese, particularly, sets nicely with any event we attend!

Made with fresh mozzarella, homemade basil pesto, ripe tomatoes, incredible extra virgin olive oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar.

Even though they have one of the mouth watering burgers along the route, a lot of our party guests failed to resist close to three servings of our Caprese, it's truly that delicious!

Regardless of whether you're looking for a light bite or perhaps a whole meal, we've got a number of options to choose from and are always happy to cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Burger Post Minsted - Salads

Our Events

Here at burger post we try to please!

Regardless of the size, shape or destination in Minsted, we have got at all times catered for every celebration without fail.

We can easily run off a large list of function types but the short as well as simple response is "it doesn't matter exactly what or where the function is, we can easily take care of and nourish both you and your invitees".

With zero limits on time, day or perhaps location, we really would be the guys to call for your outside catering requirements.

The following are some of our most asked function types:

Corporate Event Catering Minsted

Corporate Parties

Since our gourmet hamburgers are so much greater than just burgers, we've fed some of the most famous people on earth. Our vans & staff are totally comfortable working together with Fortune 500 organisations.

We are renowned for our expert approach as well as prompt services, adapting Minsted businesses of all sizes, when they've a tiny group of 10 or a large workforce of 400 staff members.

We have catered for workers celebrations, launches, non-public events, building sites as well as everything in between. Our professionalism, reliability & food quality are perfect for any corporate occasion right from product launches to employees parties.

Our cleanness score is great, the best you can get, so you know we can be trusted to follow along with the very highest standards of cleanness. We are big enough to handle any needs such as special allergy requirements, but still sufficiently small enough to offer tailor-made services.

Be it brekkie, hamburgers or perhaps dessert, we've your back. Plus, being VAT registered, your orders can easily also be considered a tax write-off, helping you save cash.

Wedding Catering Minsted


Our most popular sort of events to do are weddings! Being part of someone's special day means the world to us! That is why when considering weddings, we actually try to set off that one step further to make sure you and your party guests possess the most incredible day!

Just like the wedding couple, every single wedding ceremony is different in their own way. We've carried out over one hundred of them so we know very well what we're carrying out, and also have catered for every single one in an exclusive way.

Our food list fits every one with Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Halal, and Kosher options. Our trucks are designed to fit in anywhere, but we know if you need them concealed. That's why we offer a custom-built services, exactly where guests can purchase just what they like, or perhaps a pre-arranged self serve buffet style. It is your big day, so we're adaptable!

It's because of wedding parties which we made it through a high priority whenever it came to coaching our employees about the hospitality! It's actually our main priority to ensure that weddings, above all, go beautifully with respect to catering!

Whether it is in a tiny township, the middle of a forest, the cardio of the hectic metropolis or next to the sea the Burger Post has seen and attended its great number of events!

Take a look at a few of our 5-star reviews to see precisely what a lot of our wedding customers are saying regarding us!

Private Party Catering Minsted

Private Parties

No-one knows how to have some fun much more than us!

A fantastic party usually needs to have very good food. The good news is, The Burger Post is here to assist and we previously serviced numerous parties, starting from fancy dress parties to adult celebrations, child's birthdays and everything in between.

Our menu is extraordinary - Great Gourmet Burgers created using the very best ingredients, a truck that screams style & employees who know how to have fun as well as make you along with your visitors feel special and even more importantly full!

Call us right now for more information or any questions, our company is equipped to assist on any day!

Film Set Catering Minsted

Film Industry

The film industry is always making tight deadlines, therefore we know how vital it is actually to achieve the very best food offered on time & with no delays.

We have worked at the smaller events and also with a few of the most popular corporations on earth such as Walt Disney, Netflix, Marvel, Warner Bros.

Our group of forty master chefs is constantly all set to fulfill any kind of order, big or small, ensuring that your film unit operates effortlessly as well as with no food related hiccups.

We understand that what is crucial for an effective filming event is actually timing. Time is really money when it comes to working on a film set. In the event the catering services aren't ready, and the serving times are late or extended, it can have a huge knock-on impact.

Weather changes will not really make a difference, we will be right there to assist give you all of the food you need, fast & easy. That will help eliminate any kind of shooting delays!


What our customers saying about us

Proper gourmet burgers, the guests were over the moon and so was I. Very well priced for the quality of the burgers and the service - from getting a quote to the end of our party!


Dabat R

Private Party

We hired the Burger Post for my wife's 30th Birthday. The whole process was efficient, friendly and well managed. Would definitely recommend for a party or wedding!


Dario R

Birthday Party

Brilliant service, hired for a work event and the team catered perfectly I can not fault them one bit. I’m still receiving comments from colleagues asking when we will be booking again!


Roof Inspector

Corporate Event

The Burger Post delivered a top service and helped provide our business the perfect compromise to cancelling our Christmas party. Communication was excellent! The burgers were delicious.


Kirovakov Prod.

Christmas Party

Really friendly team! Great communication and efficiency from start to finish. They cater to any of your needs and really make you feel cared for throughout the whole process.


Navarra C

Private Party

Burger Vans Accreditations

Our Service

Since The Burger Post is actually a van, we can easily take it to any spot in Minsted. Portability is paramount & one of the major advantages that we offer.

The Burger Post Minsted mobile truck is out there to provide catering for parties, marriage ceremonies, company events as well as building sites! This sets our company apart and enables us one of the greatest options available.

We take away the stress of food preparation for guests, allowing you to spend time with them when we handle all this.

We provide you with cool beverages or even a brekkie menu upon request, we've got a great-looking truck, but additionally hamburgers & fried potatoes that are custom made according to your requirements.

If you would like a stress free catering experience, terrific food items along with perfect service make sure you fill in our contact form right here, to get a detailed estimate & one of our crew will be in touch very quickly.

It doesn't matter when or where you require us, we're the people to get in touch with!

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